Self-Assembly Lab

Self-Assembly Lab Partners & Sponsors:


Partners & Sponsors:

The Self-Assembly Lab works with a variety of academic, commercial, nonprofit, and government partners to make our self-assembling future a reality.

We collaboratively work with our partners to develop new technologies and processes targeting construction, manufacturing, assembly and product performance. The lab provides a unique opportunity for companies to have access to an invaluable space of creativity and invention within the walls of MIT. Our sweet spot is the blending of basic and applied cross-disciplinary research that is often too costly, too risky or too "far out" for traditional R&D.

The lab is generously supported annually by grants, gifts and sponsored research. To inquire about partnering with the Self-Assembly Lab please email: info[at]

Tax-deductible MIT Gifts may also be made directly to the Self-Assembly Lab (Account # 3912490) instructions and more information can be found at:

MIT is a 501(c)(3) institution, and gifts are tax-deductible within the limitations of U.S. federal income tax laws. MIT's tax identification number is 04-2103594